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Alongside her work as a poet, Megan has studied at the University of Cambridge and recently submitted her doctoral thesis entitled ‘Dickens and the Making of His Readings’. It focussed on Dickens's readings and his adaptation of his texts for performance.

Prior to this, she studied English at King's College London, graduating with First Class Honours in 2015, followed by an MPhil in Modern and Contemporary Literature at the University of Cambridge, from which she graduated in 2016. Her MPhil thesis was entitled 'The Dickensian Surplus: Dickens, Harriet Martineau, and the ethics of Political Economy'.

Her research primarily relates to nineteenth-century literature, with a particular interest in the works of Charles Dickens, compositional practices, and reading cultures in the period. She has published on Dickens, as well as Virginia Woolf, Hope Mirrlees and The Hogarth Press. 



Teaching Experience


Megan taught at Newnham College, University of Cambridge between 2018 and 2020, conducting undergraduate classes with a primary focus on Victorian Literature. She has provided primary supervision on multiple undergraduate theses on aspects of nineteenth-century literature at the University of Cambridge. She has devised and taught syllabi for multiple summer schools for organisations including the Sutton Trust, University of Cambridge, the Granta Academy, and Bucksmore Education. She also worked at the Wordsworth Trust in Grasmere as an Education trainee, which involved teaching groups across all ages, from primary schools to universities.

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